Meet the Hotel

Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge is a tourist, scientific and educational complex. Created in 1991, this privately owned property, opened its jungle lodge doors to guests in 1995.

A convenient location cose do Manaus (approximately 1 h) on Tarumã river, a tributary of the Negro river. The lodge operates its own transfer (shuttle van or bus to a river pier and regional boat to the lodge). 

The lodge has 70 bungalows in 22 stand-alone structures (being rebuilt in brick), each with 3, 4 or 6 apartments. A striking feature of the Amazon Ecopark is the distribution of these structures under the rainforest tree canopy. Each apartment has its own entrance from outside, balcony, screened windows, bathroom with electric shower, air-conditioner and mini bar.

One of the brick structures has 4 apartments and the same features as the others. Two with wheelchair ramps for easy access and bathrooms with safety grab bars for physically challenged guests. The other 2 have two additional twin beds and are ideal for families. Another structure has 6 larger apartments.

  All units are comfortable and decorated with Amazonian handicrafts. 


Features of the lodge:


River beach - the Amazonian ecocsytem is linked to seasonal water levels. The beach may be covered with water on the months of May, June and July - the high waters. Then the low waters of September to beginning of December. 

4 natural water pools and private beach;

Ample reception area surrounded by veranda;

“Snack Bar” (Bar e Sandwiches);

Convenience and handcrafts store;


For events: 1 function bussiness room with or another without air-conditioning:

Open lodge room:

Vip room:

Restaurant and kitchen (guests are welcome to visit);

Pavillion with hammocks and lounge chairs;

Table games corner at the lounge  and TV by the bar;

Note: Several fresh clear water streams, jungle trails with different types of vegetation, including virgin forest, savanna and flooded forest areas with giant treets, exotic orchids, medicinal plants and birds of different species.